Best cloud servers providers

What are some of the best cloud server providers compatible with Survey Solutions in your country?

Please share your experience, link the pages describing the service plans they provide, and let us know which configurations you’ve found suitable for your needs.

Hello, I am glad that my query has been shared. After the answer they gave me I started searching and I already made the configuration using Google Cloud Platform, it is quite simple

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I am sorry, because this is not an answer to your question, but rather a follow up question. Since the world bank does not offer hosting on their cloud anymore I was wondering if there are any other ways to host the survey where you don’t have to pay on a month-by-month basis and don’t have to purchase a server.
My company can spend money on a hosting platform, but the survey only runs twice a year with a relatively small sample size so it doesn’t seem to make sense to pay every month for a hosting service. Thank you!

@themajac, I think what you need is a pay-as-you-go plan:

This is offered by multiple cloud service providers, hence this thread to collect feedback.

I explored a number of options. The larger players like AWS, Azure and Google Platform appear to be more expensive and complex to deploy. There are many linux options which are not appropriate for the Survey Solutions deployment which is windows server based, example a2 hosting etc. I found a good pay-as-you-go option called and another called, there are several others which I did not evaluate. You can basically up-size or down-size the server SSD or memory as you see fit, they cost roughly $10 US per month per slice of computing resources. Hope this helps.

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Thank you everyone for the help! Are the requirements for the virtual server still the same as for the standalone server? Or can I start with just 1 CPU and then upscale if needed?

  • CPU: 4 physical cores, 64-bit
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • DISK: 500GB SSD

@sergiy Thank you for the help. I saw the pay as you go option as well, but that requires to shut down the server when not in use, but I assume that will not be possible for survey solutions as the data will get lost?

Is anyone has a guideline to install cloud server for Survey Solutions? I only found the installation guideline for standalone server.

What is the difference between the two?

You can use standalone install guide to setup server on any cloud provider. If you have RDP access to VM

Hello Daysfade, I would like to know how you managed to set this up on Google Cloud Platform, please share the steps.

Here are instructions to setup survey solutions on amazon

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Please could you provide me the video tutorial about the Survey solutions set up in AWS because I no experience with that before and I can’t do even read all the Installation of survey solutions on amazon AWS post on the support pages? Thanks

Now, with docker image available more options become possible. Basically any hosting that can execute docker images is suitable for Survey Solutions. Here is an example of full setup on azure, you don’t even need to purchase your DNS and SSL certificate.

Hi Survey Solutions Team,

I am studying possible server providers to install Survey Solutions in the cloud and I would like to know how to configure Survey Solutions on Google Cloud Platform?

Thanks for your help.

I believe that google cloud is capable of running docker images. You need 2 of them - one for survey solutions and one for PostgreSQL.