Beginners guide to deployment of survey in tablets

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I am an absolute beginner with Survey Solutions. So far, I was able to digitise the questionnaire using designer, test it using tester application, create a server, create accounts of supervisors and the interviewers.

However, I need some guidance to install the application in tablets for interviewers and do a pilot. Where can I download the application and set up my tablets for field piloting?

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Thank you Misha. Your help is much appreciated.

This article appears immediately after you enter the word “installation” in the search field on our support site.
It will help us to improve our UI on the support site if you could explain why this method did not work for you.

Hello misha. Thank you for your response. As a first time user, I did not find the support site as intuitive. I was not able to find a manual where the entire process is laid out from digitisation to app installation to the data export etc. Therefore, it was challenging for me to learn protocols of Survey Solution.

Even now, when I tried to test my server on a tablet and I approved that interview, I see “No data available” on my data export tab and I have been trying to find solutions on support site and google but with no luck.

Overall, from the point of view of an absolute beginner, the functionality of Survey Solution’s designer and server is great but a clear framework with steps and troubleshooting requires improvement.

The following two short videos walk you through all the process that you need to do as a beginner:

the issue regarding the data download that you’ve posted in a different thread can be discussed there.
Best, Sergiy
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Thanks sergiy. These videos are very helpful.