[Beginner] No Data Available on the server


I made my first form with Survey Solutions and tested it on the web based server provided by Survey Solutions. After pushing the completed interview from the tablet, I was able to see and approve it. However, for some reason, I dont see a “generate” button on Data Export tab.

My screen looks like this

On the forum, I saw a related post but was unable to resolve the issue.

Kindly suggest a solution and “dos and donts” with the server to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Thank you,

Umeraeem, perhaps this is obvious to you, but not to anyone else reading the above message: what server are you using??

Hello sergiy, I requested an online SS server. The address is https://bispopm.mysurvey.solutions/

Thank you for this crucial part of the problem description. With this piece we can have a look.

As for the instructions for the users, the screenshot indicates that this is our server-side problem because if there is no observation is available, then the survey should not be selectable. But the screenshot illustrates that the survey is having data, but the buttons are not present to export or download the data.

If this ever happens again, the user should indicate this with as much detail as possible. When we have better understanding of why this may be sometimes occurring (and this occurs only infrequently) we will be able to modify our code accordingly.

Thank you for reporting the issue. Best, Sergiy

Thank you sergiy for prompt action.

Hello @sergiy, the problem has been resolved.

Any caution for the user for future reference?

Thank you,

No special recommendations at this moment. You’ve done nothing wrong, if this issue happens again, just notify the support. The screenshot and server reference are important for a quick follow up. Best, Sergiy