Beg report - section button

At the end of a section there is a button that you can click that will direct you to the next section. It happens quite frequently that it doesnt show properly, and is illegible because of that, not to mention harder to click on. We did not observe what are the enabling conditions for this to happen if there are any but it happens roughly every 2-4 interviews from what I have noticed but again the cause is unknown. If possible we would like to request for this bug to get fixed. Thank you so much in advance.

  1. Looks like it is the same issue as shown here:
    Next section button is truncated · Issue #1757 · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub

  2. Can you add a static text at the end of the section and see if it affects the button’s integrity? (any value for static text should be good, perhaps even a simple dot “.”).

  3. Is the next section (“KONTAKTY” as shown in the image) conditional on anything (has an enabling condition)?