Batch user upload for multiple workspaces

Hello, we have created two different workspaces, one to train and the other to carry out the survey.
We need to create the interviewer users (about 250 interviewers) in both workspaces.
Is there a way to do this via user batch upload? or do we have to do it manually? or through an API?
Thank you!

Hello @vicarin

Yes, there is. Survey Solutions has this feature when logged in as Admin.

First, when logged in as Administrator, click Administration (located in the upper right corner in the black menu).
Then select Users and then press the Upload Users button.

To do this, you will need to download the template and apply the rules that you should see on the user upload page.

Thanks for your answer.
We have done this but to upload users in a single workspace.
When we try to do it on more than one workspace, there is an error because the login information cannot be duplicated.

You are welcome.

Yes, it is a restriction because the user must be unique on the server (remember that you can assign a user in more than one workspace).
So, if you need the same users in the training workspace, just add a new letter such as T_username, T for Training or Test.

Users are unique (global) for the system, if you mean to have one person having access to multiple workspaces, then you just create the user once and assign to as many workspaces as you need. But if you happen to have two people with the same name, then you have to create different usernames for them, username and username1.

I think @vicarin is looking for a solution that will automatically assign new user accounts to multiple workspaces without involving manual reassignment or API coding.

This is possible.

When preparing the file for batch user accounts upload specify the workspace attribute of the user account, which supports multiple values in a form of a comma-delimited list. Below is an example:

login	password	role	supervisor	fullname	email	phonenumber	workspace
Bogdan	Password19	supervisor		Bogdan Shevchenko	55512345	february, april, august
Zlata	Password21	interviewer	Bogdan	Zlata Mukha	55543210	february, april, august

here february, april, and august are the three workspace names (that already exist in the server).

In this example the interviewer account for Zlata will be created and matched to supervisor Bogdan in three workspaces february, april, and august.

AFAIK it is not possible to specify multiple workspaces when creating a user account through the web interface, so you have to do what Zurab was suggesting - create user accounts in one workspace, then include them also to other workspaces.

Hope this helps.
Best, Sergiy

Thank you so much, Sergiy.
That is exactly what I was looking for. I have tried it with ; but it didn’t work.

I’ll do it this way!