Barcode setup: how best to find the Interviewer profile page?

My colleagues and I have a large number of tablets to set up–that is, for which to specify the sync endpoint, user name, and password. We were looking for the interviewer’s profile page so that we could scan the barcode for that user and thereby avoid some manual setup. See the second option here for what we are seeking to do.

Before workspaces, one could the interviewer’s profile page through the Teams and Roles menu. With the advent of workspaces, the interviewer profile page seems not to have moved to Administration > Users > [User name].

Here is how I’ve located the interviewer profile with a workspace:

  • Reports > Devices/Interviewers
  • Click on a team
  • Click on an interviewer in the selected team

(URL of the form:{GUID})

Is there a better or different way to find the profile page?

(Hidden feature request: could the profile page be added to user management interface in Administration > Users > [User name]? Note the URL for that is of the form:{GUID})

  1. for security reasons the interviewer must immediately change the password to his own, so these steps must be performed by an interviewer himself/herself.

  2. specifying an account name as part of the URL is commonly perceived as a potential vulnerability in the system, and for this reason will not be supported in the future.

  3. I don’t see an additional saving of this approach at all. If you have to type the Interviewer’s name, why not typing it directly into the tablet? Just generate the QRCODE of the whole server, which would be common for all accounts, then use it to set up all accounts.

To clarify:

  • Interviewer profile is within a workspace.
  • Interviewer account is above workspaces.

When you setup a tablet you need to specify three pieces of information:

  • server address;
  • account name;
  • password.

You do not specify a workspace directly when setting up a tablet.

To clarify, I’m simply trying to avoid some typing when setting up a large number of tablets: at a minimum, scan the site’s QR code for the site’s address; ideally, can a user-specific QR code so that site address and user name are loaded.

I see how to do both. If I want to get the site’s URL, I can scan the QR visible after clicking the Get Interviewer App on the site’s main page–here for the demo server.

If I want both the site’s URL and the interviewer’s user name, I can scan the QR code associated with her profile. But I’m not sure if there is a better way or different way than what I described in the original post.

Are there any better or different ways?

@sergiy , a few follow-ups on points you made above:

Could you say more about what this means? In practical terms (e.g., address of interviewer profile will change so as not to include user GUID, QR code in profile will disappear, etc.)?

Given this, is there any reason for the QR code not be associated with the interviewer’s account? To my mind, the pieces of information provided in the QR code should not be (only) in each workspace (that the user may access).

If the QR code is kept in (each accessible) workspace, could they be placed elsewhere? For example, would it make sense to revive Teams and Roles?

To summarize, I think it would make sense to have the QR code located both in an admin console (for easy access by admin users) and in the workspace (for easy access by HQ users).

The address of the interviewer profile page should not mention interviewer login.{GUID} - is good{username} - is bad

I think it makes sense to show it additionally in the profile settings, to which the HQ has access:

The reality is that this is just a convenience feature. More important is the password privacy issue.

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