Backup strategy

How do we backup our local survey solution installation. Is backing up the database via pgadmin as .sql file enough?

Backup of postgesql database and AppData folders is enough.

By AppData folders you mean this folder?

Data_site folder. It can be found in app settings.ini file

Can you dumb it down please? Can you specify exactly which folders I need to backup?

You need to backup only Data_Site folder

Thank you. We will backup the Data_Site folder and the database.

With the addition of the workspaces in 21.01, does this backup strategy still hold true?

Images and audio data is still located in Data_Site folder by defaults, thats doesn’t changed - internally it will be separated by workspaces

Database is still need to be backed up regulary. Thats where is essential data is stored. Each workspace data is located in separate schema.
Please refer to this page
And remember that backups should be stored on separated from database hard drives.