AWS query - EC2 or Lightsail

Hi - A question for those with some experince setting up on AWS. In the AWS setup article made by the team ( it looks as though this is to set it up using Amazon EC2 services. However when researching the pricing the EC2 was pretty confusing and I landed on Amazon lightsail ( which gives monthly pricing for a windows cloud which meets the requirements of Survey Solutions.

So my questions.

Is it possible to setup usign Lightsail but follow the standard installation instructions for standalone server?

If yes, what is the differences between EC2 and Lightsail? Pricing and operationally



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Hi lauchb,

Lightsail will take a premium price for less managment and simpler UI.

Lightsail will be easier to setup. UI will provide all required settings for Survey Solutions setup and one click backup/restore for Database.

On Windows Server side installation of Survey Solutions will be same.

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