Automatic Updating of the interviewer app everyday

Dear all

Since recently each day the enumerator logs in and synchronizes the interviewer app starts updating. Is there a way to update only once a week or is updating of the app a necessity,

Thank you

Dear Tshering,

there were 3 versions in October the release 18.10.0, and two updates 18.10.1 and 18.10.2.

So if the interviewer updates, this can’t be happening ‘every day’.

I can only see a possibility that the interviewers are notified about the new version, but don’t get the update installed, in which case they will be notified again next time.
Make sure the interviewers indeed update and it should not happen too often.

You can monitor the installed versions on every tablet in the report on Devices/Interviewers.

Updates we release address the issues reported by our users.

Thank you. I will look into it and get back

You can also turn off automatic updating of the app in the admin settings of the server.

When interviewers rarely have good internet, this can be a necessity for them to be allowed to choose when to update the app.


Scott, this may help sweep the problem under the carpet rather than solve it. Note that Tshering wrote:

which to me means that it is likely that the downloaded updates don’t get installed (e.g. because of some peculiarities in security or permissions configuration), which results in an attempted update in every synchronization section.

It’s best to identify what’s causing it, rather than disable the updates.

Best, Sergiy

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