Automatic date and time capture


1.Could you please advise how I could possibly capture the date and time, of each visit effected by the interviewer to a household. This will help to check whether the Interviewer was really visiting that particular household on that date.

Here’s a two-part answer.

The easiest way is to add a Date question with the Current time option selected. This will allow the interviewer to capture the current date and time (according to the tablet) with the press of a button. If you anticipate needing multiple visits per household, consider adding a roster that contains the date and status. The visit number could simply be the (system-generated) roster row number of the visit.

The harder way is to use the interview__actions and/or paradata to see when all questions are answered. The first data file, exported with all other microdata, provides the duration of each data capture session, among other information. The second data file, which needs to be exported separately, provides timing info for when each question is answered. But while these data provide detailed timing information, they do not capture status.

Based on your problem description, the first answer seems the best.

See “PUBLIC EXAMPLE Recording visits” example questionnaire.

@arthurshaw2002 Thanks
Tried the first answer, but came across another issued.
Please refer to pictures
Kindly note that within the same section I did two rosters identically with different variables’ name for

  1. Replaced household
  2. Actual Household
    It work perfectly for the actual household but not for the replaced household.
    Please Advise

Many thanks

This is expected, since your repvisit_no is a list.
See here: