Can I make a question with a numeric type ? This question is calculated automatically from other question. For exemple :

Q1 : numeric type

Q2 : numeric type

Q3 : This question is calculated automatically from Q1 and Q2 (Q3=Q1+Q2)

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Said Hassen

If it is calculated, it is not a question. It is a variable. See here:

Can I show the variable at interviewer app ! (like the question).

Hi @Hassen.

You cannot assign the value of a variable to a question, but yes, you can show the value of a variable in a question’s text, and also in a static text via string interpolation, using the syntax %variablename%.

For example, assume you have the variable member_total which calculates and stores the total number of members of a household.

You can include the following text in a static text (or question text):
The total number of members is %member_total%.

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Very good explanation by @giansib !

@Hassen, see the relevant page Text substitution in the documentation for more details.

Hi Hassan !

For this, you have to affect a variable to your questions.
For example :

  1. In Question 1, you will affect Q1 like variable
  2. For Question 2, you will affect Q2 like variable
  3. You’ll need to create another variable question, choose “Double” as type of variable, in variable you’ll write summQ1Q2, right down you’ll see Expression, inside Expression: put Q1+Q2
  4. Create another static text question. Inside the static text, write this :"The summ of Q1 and Q2 is %summQ1Q2%