Automatic assignment of a date and time questions


I need to record the timestamp of the beginning and the end of each section of the questionnaire.
I tried to use a question of type “date” but I don’t know how to assign automatically the value. There is a way to do this?
I accept all kinds of suggestions.

Thanks in advance


Use indeed the date question. Tick the box “Current Time” just below the question text in the Designer. Once enumerators click on this question, the current timestamp will be recorded.

But overall this is not necessary: Once you conduct your survey you will be able to download paradata. Each and every action by the enumerator/supervisor/headquarter will be recorded, including a timestamp of such actions. You can compute the duration for each section using this data and avoid having 2 additional questions for each of your sections which helps to reduce the length of your survey.

He Peter,

Thank You for your reply