Automated Roster

Hello Sergiy,
Can I design a roster where I have a select an item, it allows me to enter the details of the item, after I am done, it automatically ask me, if I wish to add more, then I can add more items to the roster.
Thus after the end of each item in the roster, it will automatically ask if I wish to add an item to the roster.

Secondly can I invoke a second party application from survey solutions.

This comes in conflict with:

  • roster’s may not be infinite (which is something that follows from your description).
  • specifically, a roster size is determined by a multiselect, list, or numeric question, or roster has a fixed size.
  • a roster size may not be determined (impacted, affected) by that roster’s content.

Why is this needed???

I have been tasked to develop a CAPI in which we actually do not know the size of the roster, thus enumerators will ask add whenever there is such a case, in such you do not know the roster size aforehand and hence I was asking if there was a way in which, I could get to automatically add up whenever there is an addition.

Where can I see the questionnaire?
Please provide a link.

Currently what I have implemented is yo enter a number which will define the roster size. However during the field work, you won’t be able to know the definate size of the the roster size it keeps changing per observation