Add optional automated numbering system. The questionnaire designer choses to use the numbering system or not.

Affected subsystems

A button will be added on the action menu of the questionnaire of whether that particular questionnaire should have automated numbering or not.


Any questionnaire developers. I think it would be good to add an automated numbering system like the one we have in Microsoft Word. Numbered surveys are easier to follow and answer for respondents.


Currently the numbering system is manual, as the questionnaire designer you have to write all the numbers for the questions. If the feature is not implemented then Designer users will continue to number questions manually.

Market examples

Survey Solutions will be the first to have such kind of feature.

What is the effect of this feature?

This would improve user experience by reducing time needed for numbering . numbering is quite tedious for long/huge questionnaires.

In my last survey about eight of the ten sections had at least 40% changes after questionnaire reviews. 10% of the changes were adding, removing and moving questions across the questionnaire which disturbed the numbering system. We took more time re-numbering again. In some cases some questions didn’t have number systems inside the nested-roster.

The proposed numbering system is expected to reduce time spent numbering the questionnaire. And/or re-numbering the questions after making changes for example, adding or removing questions


This feature will not change the behavior of Survey Solutions but rather improve its usability to survey designers. This feature will only affect Designer hence no update will be needed for servers, or tablet installation. The feature will not disturb already made assignments in anyway


Any user will be able to take advantage of this feature.

Hello @blessingskalua ,

How is the proposed numbering system supposed to work? Many, if not most, of the respondents will be confused if they see:

  • questions 1,2,5, but not 3 and 4, which will be the case with the enabling conditions.
  • questions 6 and 7 multiple times in the interview, which will be the case for roster questions.

How do you assign the numbers in that case? (Manually or automatically doesn’t matter).

Hi sergiy

I don’t know what blessingskalua had in mind, but I second the idea of an automated question numbering system. For me, it would be about numbering the questions themselves to make it easy for a team to say something like “question 23 needs to be rephrased.” It could or could not be shown to the surveyors on their interface. It wouldn’t need to be used in skips and logics.

Ideally users could choose whether they want numbering by section, or overall. But that’s luxury. :wink:

Thank you!

  • If it is not shown to the surveyors (it is not clear who are these, but I assume you mean interviewers), then who sees them? The designers? In that case refer to questions by variable name, which is already there. I actually don’t see a reason to leave a comment “question 23 needs to be rephrased” because you can simply write a comment “this question needs to be rephrased” and forget about any numbering or identification of questions.

  • if it is shown to the interviewers, then the same questions apply as I have already asked in the above post to @blessingskalua , which were never replied to.

We add automate numbering system to the Panel of Advanced Instruments, which is optional for disigners to use.

Instead of typing B1. then question text like you did below

with the numberig system B1, would altomatically come after clicking add question button.

This would help incase you want to modify the questionniare thus adding or removing a questions from the section. For instance, you have 17 questions in that seection B and you have removed question B6 and add two questions between question 9 and 11. without the automated system it means you need to open every question from B6-B17, and do renumbering manualy. and if you have a questionnaire with a thousand questions it means re-typing the numbers .

For the sections numbering would be unique, the designer would choose a unique later/laters e.g A/AA/AAE etc to avoid confusion between sections.

Then the desiner would choose which numbering best suit the section-quesitions, for example

The questions number would look like B1 (B_for the section and 1 for the question number)

I beleive this numbering system would acctually work, with modification offcourse from this community.