Autofill from pervious question


I want to auto fill from pervious question.

like this Q01==1 then Q02==1.

please help out.


@sergiy please help out this.

i want auto fill from pervious question like this.

Q01==1 and Q01==2 and Q01==3 then Q02==1.
Q01==4 and Q01==4 and Q01==6 then Q02==2.


From my understanding, you never want to “auto fill” something within a questionnaire/Interview/CAPI software (which is also not possible from a technical POV within Survey Solutions - happy to be corrected).

What you do want to do is to administer a questionnaire through an interview.

Within an interview you want to ask questions. However, some questions should only be asked under certain conditions.

So what I think you are after is to set an enabling condition to Q2. Because if you already “know the answer” to a question, you should not/never ask it.

Have a look at all the documentation on how to write enabling conditions, e.g. starting here.