Audio audit not recording full interview

Hello, I’d love some help with something

For one of the implementations of our surveys, the survey firm would like to record the enumerators’ interviews on Survey Solutions for quality control purposes.

They have just run a pilot and used the audio audit functionality, by enabling audio recording for specific assignments. However, on exporting the data, the sound files appear to be separate small sound files, and not a full recording of the complete interview.

I have not had experience with audio audits in Survey Solutions before, so I am unclear as to why this was the case. The firm does not have edit rights to the questionnaire, so they have definitely not added audio questions to the survey. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I couldn’t find anything in the forum about it.

Thanks you

The interview should be recorded in full, but the recording may be split into shorter parts. See reasons in the documentation on audio audit files.

Best, Sergiy

Super helpful; thank you for your quick response, Sergiy!