Audio audit by question

Hello Survey Solutions team.

Sometimes we create (in the designer) questionnaires with many questions or lists, then we decide to activate the audio audit, but this could generate a large file (big size) to sincronize and exporte.

So, it might be a good idea to define in the designer what questions we want to audit.

For example, if my questionnaire has 300 questions, but I’m only interested in auditing 10 questions, in this case, my file of audio audit of only 10 questions is smaller than my file when I decide to activate the audio audit for the questionnaire.

Perhaps this could be a good idea to active the audio audit in questionnaires with many questions or dinamic rosters.

Thanks for this amazing tool.

Hi, Kevin,

suppose you’ve marked question q121 in the section A (with questions q1…q300) as one with desired audio audit. When should the recording start? when should it stop?

There is no way of telling which question the interviewer is reading/asking now. Hence the whole interview is recorded.

While the files may be large, you don’t have to activate audio audit for every interview, but place the flag strategically. this will reduce the subsequent work load on supervision.