Attachments/figures visualization with problem

Hi there,

I’m having problem with the online version of my survey. I have two blocks of figures to show in each question but currently it only shows one of them, with the other either in a semi-transparent version of under a “link” of “custom photo”. When you click on it, it enlarges the figures just fine, though.

I’m using basically the same survey since late last year and haven’t had any problems since this week.



Anyone can help me with that?

What version do you use?
The latest hotfix 22.06.1 has fix of the issues related to the images.

Hmm, I’m using only the online designer and the individual demo-servers to run them, since I don’t need long runs. It was everything alright until this latest update, as far as I can tell.

Could you please try again on your demo server?

Thanks vitalii. It seems that it’s working fine again! :slight_smile: