[Assignments] - Issues creating an assigment with preloaded data on rosters

I’ve come around with an issue creating assignments using tab files with preloaded data on nested rosters. I have a questionnaire with 3 nested rosters: blocks, streets and house numbers. The objective is to create an assigment with data on these 3 rosters. If I try to do it with data on 1 block, 2 streets and 2 house numbers for each street there’s no issue, but If I try to add 1 or more blocks throws me the PL0053 error.

The issue is in the last nested roster (House numbers), and it only occurs if I try to use more than 1 block. This is some example of the data that gives the error.

Your help is very appreciated to solve this.
Thanks in advance

Some additional info,
The zip file works if I use the first 6 rows.

What version of Survey Solutions are you using?
Some changes with assignments creation were released in 21.09.2 and potentially could address your issue.
If the issue persists on 21.09.2 we would need your questionnaire and preloading archive you are using to address this issue.

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