[Assignments] - I can't create new assignments to new imported questionnaires

Hi SS Team,
I’m requiring some assisntance on issues found with the creation of assignments on the Headquarters. We imported new questionnaires and we want to create some asssignments to be available to interviewers on the mobile app Interviewer. The issue comes when I try to create assignments. If I try to create a single assignment, the Questionnaire page keeps looping on itself instead of showing me the page to create a new assignment. If I try to create a batch of assignments, it shows the error detailed on that image.

This error happens only on new imported questionnaires on our local server. It doesn’t happen on the demo server.
Thank you in advance!

The fact that the problem is not appearing on the demo server tells that the program itself works correctly. On your own server you need to check the server logs for any detailed error messages.

See also here:

I created a platform on our server and installed the Survey Solution package, and now I have HQ account and designer account.
Upon trying to assign samples to the interviewer, an error message appears:
Error message

How can this be resolved?

Could you give us more context please? what page were you on/doing what action when you got this error? please consider not cutting this much from the screenshot, we respect your privacy so please do hide the server address but at least show us the rest?

here I’m putting an example of a screenshot from the demo server where I’m showing the path of the page, but not the domain address - this will help us localize the problem.

Similarly, if you are able to share the headquarters application log file for us to see the error? again, if you’re comfortable understanding the application logs, please copy and paste here the appropriate exception text on don’t show any private information that may be presented in the file. If you prefer to send us the full file, you can email it to the support at mysurvey dot solutions address.

I have a same problem.
Imported questionnaires in version 21.01 working okay, but after update to version 21.05.03 new imported questionnaires not working.
Address on error message: https:xxx.xx/testkraje/Assignments/Upload/eb4d73d71aee46a5b09ca2031d141ce2$2

Here is example:

@martinb , what does the log say?

@sergiy I`m not sure what log do you mean, where can I find it?
Server diagnostics are OK.

@martinb See the link I’ve posted in message #2 above.

@martinb , @pcarrd , @Renad ,

thank you for reporting the issue. My colleague has managed to reproduce the problem, which occurs with some, but not all questionnaires when imported to the newest version.

The problem manifests itself with a fixed binding, which can’t be fulfilled and the log file shows the following message:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘WB.Core.SharedKernels.DataCollection.Portable, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. The system cannot find the file specified.

We are investigating the issue.

Best, Sergiy


@martinb , @pcarrd , @Renad ,

Sorry for inconvenience.
We have identified the issue and made adjustments to the system.
If you import a new version of questionnaire to the Headquarters and it should work without errors.
We’re working with Headquarters update to fix this error on previously imported questionnaires you have issues with.

Hi everyone, just wanted to report the same issue. We are working with version 22.02.7 (we started this survey in june 2022 and have not done an update).
The strange thing is that this happened whit a questionnaire that we were using in another workspace without any problem and that the error only appears when an interviewer creates an interview in the app (no problem using the web).
We fixed this issue by importing the questionnaire and uploading the assignments again.
Here is the error pop up