Assignments disappearing from map

I gave 60 people about 400 assignments each and I found that even though the assignments show up on the dashboard of the interviewer app, they would not show up on the map until I go into filters and deselect, then reselect assignments. The map itself would not appear and only shows the world map until I select another map then reselect the assigned map.

I expect that when I open the map, that it would zoom into my assigned map with all of my assignments visible.

Are these bugs that can be resolved?

Sounds like a bad idea. See e.g. this thread where @pcarrd describes having difficulties navigating among 20 assignments as an interviewer.

Not until we understand what needs to be fixed.

For the moment your description is rather confusing and seems to describe at least two problems:

  1. displaying the map image;
  2. displaying the assignments markers on the map.

Whether they are somehow related to each other or not, is anybody’s guess. How are 60 persons related to this? Do they ALL have the same problem? Do they all use the SAME map file?

Shooting with my eyes closed, check if the tablet contains an invalid map file, which is loaded by default when the map view is switched to. If it is somehow corrupt, it may derail that whole view.

If that is fruitless, test with a blank device in a controlled environment by making 1 assignment and passing 1 map file to that device.

It wouldn’t hurt to mention in the description the version of the Interviewer App and the format and process of generation of the digital map file, process of transfer of the map file to the device, etc. If you have a fieldworker manual describing the process, include the link to it.

Thanks for the response. Yes they appear to be two separate problems but I have no idea if they are related.

For reference we are using version 21.01.8 (build 30793). We are aware of the new version and we are currently testing on a separate server.

For training purposes we assigned the same two maps to all persons being trained. Each map area contained about 200 assignments each. I’m not sure if ALL persons had the same problem (since I gave general instructions on how to resolve it after the first few instances) but a significant number of them did. How would I check for an invalid map file?

Assigning one map with a few assignments works as expected. Generally, it is expected that persons will be responsible for a maximum of two areas at a time. You said that 400 assignments is a bad idea, what is the maximum recommended number of assignments? We are using TPK map files.

I’m not directly involved in generation of the map files but they are created and uploaded to the server, then users are linked to maps using a TAB file. We direct fieldworkers to open the 3 dot menu in the dashboard, select maps then tap synchronize. To open assignments they open the map dashboard and select an assignment based on their location.

Departing from that situation, does the problem start to appear when you add more assignments? or more maps?

Open it in a GIS system. See if it reports any errors or displays the map just fine. If there are no errors, see if there were any transmission errors, get the TPK files back from the tablets and compare (byte-by-byte) with the original file uploaded to the HQ.