Assignments and interview duplicates

Dear All,

We have been experiencing duplicates on interviews (eg one assignment number shared on multiple interviews but different interview_key).
This was reported sometime in 2021 here Duplicate interviews - #5 by ashwinikalantri.
We have exactly the same issue. Our server is version 21.06.3. How can we handle this situation?

Could you please update to the latest version?
It contains other improvements and fixes as well.

Hi Vitalii, thanks!
Is it advisable to update the server whilst we are in production?

It depends on your stage.
If you are finishing data collection in a few days and you are OK with this issue then you may stay on the old version. Otherwise we would recommend you to update it. There are many fixes and improvements in the system. Please refer to our release notes to see changes before update Release Notes

Hi Vitalii,
Thanks for this suggestion. We updated to a newer version of the survey solution (22.02.3). However, we are now experiencing a new problem. All the combo-box have changed, they are now text box fields. The text box fields would change to auto-complete after a while of trying. Our fieldwork staff is frustrated with this process. Is there any settings I need to workaround?

Did you try changing the display mode to radio button list?

@ashwinikalantri, Yes the radio button list works well. But we can’t use it on a field with around 25 answer options!

Yes, you can. See the specific limit “Maximum number of items in a categorical question
(with all options visible to interviewer)” in the Survey Solutions Limits. 25 is below that limit.

@sergiy & @ashwinikalantri , thank you all! I will have to change the display mode to a radio button.
Has anyone reported freezing of the Interviewer app after installation of the latest version, 22.02.3 (build 32287)?