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I wanted to check if there is any downloadable database that contains information on all assignments made, including those that have not yet been synchronized by the pollsters. We are looking for something equivalent to what appears in:


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Dear dmeanares.

This feature is being planned for the next release. If you have some specific uses for this, please describe in the “suggested features” section of this forum.

In the meanwhile, you will need to store local copies of all the uploaded assignments and match them by your ID uploaded as part of identifying information/hidden variables.

Regards, Sergiy

Thanks Sergiy!

At the moment, it is not possible to recover that information through the API?


See here:

and in other threads of this forum.

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For any R user, I wrote a function to get the list of assignments from the API to solve my problem in the thread that Sergiy referred to.

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Checking in to see if there has been any news on this functionality. I need to see information about all assignments, even those not synchronized and see the identifying variable’s values.

Is there a way to do this through the API?

See the API documentation here: