Assignment error with nested roster

We have a questionnaire that contains a roster for households (n_hogar). This roster is divided into three sections and each one has a different list identifier (n_hogar, be, bi). Inside the section with the roster named “be”, there is a nested roster named bedh_r.
We downloaded the .zip template to load the assignments and when we wanted to load them (we added only identification/cover data) we got the following error:

n the file of the downloaded template, interview__id and n_hogar__id are included as parent id, which we consider correct. But since that error appeared, we replaced n_hogar__id with be__id.
When we reload the assignments, the original error no longer appears, but a new one shows up for the source question of the bedh_r roster: bedh01_todas [998]. It is a multiple selection question, with reusable categories and includes a filter. This question had no value in any record of the .tab file for data preload:

We reproduced the first error in another questionaire and by changing the parent id we were able to resolve it. In that case, the error linked to the source question of the roster did not appear.
We don’t know what the problem is. Thanks in advanced for your help!

We found the problem. The question “bedh01_todas” has 16 categories, but in the template only 5 are generated with the format bedh01_todas__1, bedh01_todas__2,… and a category bedh01_todas__998 is added. We removed that category from the template and added the missing ones (from 6 to 16) and we were able to load the assignments.
But it seems that there is some problem in the generation of the template.

Thank you for letting us know.
This issue was confirmed and will be fixed in the next version.

Workaround: on Designer switch “Source of categories” of “bedh01_todas” from “Reusable categories” to “User defined categories” remove all categories items, switch back to reusable categories and save it. Reimport questionnaire.

Hi Vitalii,
Thank so much for your answer.
I take the opportunity to consult you about a similar problem. We have another questionnaire that when we try to load assignments with preloaded data on the cover and within the questionnaire, the following error appears:

Although question p3_01 is a single select categorical with categories linked to a list question (it is to select the respondent within the household), that question had no data in the preload file. We had to replace the question to allow us to do the upload. Can you think of another way to solve it?
Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Linked questions cannot be preloaded.

I know, but I can’t preload a questionnaire with a linked question even though I’m not preloading that particular question?

Hello @vicarin,

You should be able to preload the questionnaire if the questions’ contents goes into preloadable questions. I don’t see your preloading file, but the fact that the program mentions that variable tells me you do have that column.

Drop it.

If it still doesn’t work afterwards, check the error message again. It may be saying something else.

Best, Sergiy

That works perfectly!
Thank you!!