Assigning questionnaires to interviewers

Good afternoon,
For our survey, we have 14 interviewers who will be carrying out 95 interviews each over the course of 30 days.
Is it recommend to assign 95 questionnaires to each interviewer at once, or should I assign about 4 questionnaires to each interviewer on a daily basis?

Thank you!


It depends on how often your interviewers will synchronize. If they synchronize daily, I would recommend assigning two day load to an interviewer to adjust for cases when interviewers complete their load faster or, for some reason, could not synchronize on a particular day.

Assigning the full load for 30 days is not advisable. There could be cases when, for example, an interviewer quits, or a tablet is lost. If you assign all 95 questionnaires to an interviewer you will need to reassign them and this will take time. Assigning all the questionnaires at once will also not allow you to adjust the workload depending on the productivity of the interviewers.