Assign an interview that was already received by an interviewer

Hi there,

We are trying to assign an interview to an interviewer through the [PATCH] /api/v1/interviews/{id}/assign endpoint, but the problem is that we’re getting a 500 response code.

We think that the problem here is that the interview was already assigned to another interviewer. When we try to do it through the server web, we get a message that says “Apply in 1 interview that an interviewer already received” (or something like that, our server is in spanish). If we check that box, then we can assign that interview, otherwise, it won’t. We think that this probably why the API is returning a 500 response code.

Is there any way to do it through the API? Like a validation if we really want to assign an interview that was already received by an interviewer?

Thank you in advance

Unlikely. At least we couldn’t reproduce it in this scenario.
More likely your query (not shown in your post) is incorrect and doesn’t specify the mandatory JSON parameter. In which case indeed error 500 is issued.

make sure you specify the request parameter in the form as shown in the example, obviously substituting the GUID and login of the real responsible person from your server.

First, thanks, I was able to do it using the format

“ResponsibleId”: “39225470-a7b4-4537-90ba-d080f19c5d4b”,
“ResponsibleName”: “encuestador_1”

The response is:


curl -X PATCH --header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ --header ‘Accept: application/json’ -d ‘{ \
“ResponsibleId”: “39225470-a7b4-4537-90ba-d080f19c5d4b”, \
“ResponsibleName”: “encuestador_1” \
}’ ‘

Request URL

Apparently if I’m using python for example, this can only be done using Curl, right?