Assigments on the map

At this moment it is only posible to show 180 points on the map.
The regular workload of an interviewer in our survey will be 600 assigments in 36 days of work. Is there a way to show more than 180 point on the map ?

I am not aware of this issue.
Please describe the steps to reproduce the problems.

Also, 600 assignments in 36 days means 100 assignments per 6 days, which should be already a considerable workload for a week (if there is indeed any limit of 180 exists).

Is this for the Population Census of Bangladesh?

Dear Sergiy,
This is for Ecuador Census, we will visit 6.4 millions of households. The census will take place in 36 days and we are going to use 15,000 interviewers. It is planned that ever interviewer will collect 15 interviews per day. (15x36= 540).

Dear aguinada,
Looks like I have all 600 points on the Map Dashboard. Please take a look at the video below.

  1. Did you synchronize all 600 assignments and all of them are displayed on the Create New tab of regular dashboard?
  2. Was the synchronization completed successfully?
  3. May be some points cover each other, like we discussed before here.
    Best regards.

Here is a Stata code to generate the preloading data for the assignments shown in the video. You can use it to quickly generate the preloading data for own testing (just rename the variables to correspond to your questionnaire).

clear all
set obs 600
generate longitude=(_n-180)/10
generate lattitude=mod(_n,10)
outsheet using "c:\temp\600points.txt", noquote

Best, Sergiy

Dear colleagues,

During the pilot we used Interviewer App 22.06.1 and with that version we experienced the issue I posted here.

Now we try with a new version, the Interviewer App 22.06.7 and this version was successful presenting 560 points in the map.

Thank you for your help.