Assigments cards with colors

In our Census project , the interviewers have to handle several questionnaires during the collection phase. The have select the right assigment card from the Interviewer Dashboard depending of what they find on the field.

We are suggesting to assign a color to each type of questionnaire in a way that the assigment cards can be easy recognisable to the eye. Here an mockup of our suggestion :

Hello @aguinada , consider this alternative as shown below. Best, Sergiy

Thank you Sergiy for providing an alternative.
We think that colors in the assignment card will be faster to detect to the eye. But if this is difficult, the icons you are proposing are ok.

Hello @aguinada,

As an alternative, have you considered using separate workspaces for each different questionnaire?

It has the extra overhead of managing users across workspaces, but in the Belizean experience, it helps in keeping a tidy separation between the types of collection, which might be happening simultaneously.

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Hello Gian!

Great suggestion. Indeed, putting different questionnaires in different workspaces helps to isolate the work between non-overlapping groups of interviewers. Something like - we have “data collectors” and “data auditors”, both are interviewers and collect data, but different data and have different responsibilities.

I don’t have details of how the Ecuador Census is structured in Survey Solutions, but in the context of

this may be further multiplying the number of workspaces by 304xN, where N is the number of such flavors of Census questionnaires (from the first screenshot it is “Census”, “QA” and “Incidents”, perhaps more that we don’t see).

Also note that the current workspace is not easily visible to the interviewer in the dashboard, as was mentioned by the Czech Statistical Office earlier:

And keep in mind, that if maps are used, then for each workspace the maps must be preloaded and synced separately (one may end up with redundant copies if the same map is needed for 2 questionnaires that end up in different workspaces).

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