Archiving Assignments

Hi Sergiy,

I hope you’re well. We are in the field now – things are going well, but I had a question about archiving assignments. Am I right in thinking that the only way to archive assignments is manually via the HQ portal?

It’s causing a bit of confusion here because once Supervisors approve an interview, it disappears from their Interviews tab but the assignment remains in the Assignments tab. I know it is possible to manually archive assignments from HQ, but is it possible to automatically archive assignments (e.g. once they’ve been Supervisor/HQ approved)? If it has to be manual that’s fine, but I just wanted to ask.

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Hi @AdamSalisbury

No, there is an Api that can archive assignments, but the process is the same as you were archiving the assignments manually because you have to specify the ID of the assignment.

If you want to automate it you are going to need to build a process with your own development, first review the entire list of interviews approved by the supervisor then get the assignment ID and then use the Api to file each one. But, first you have to think about and test what happens if your HQ reject an interview with the assignment archived and some cases like this one.

How often are assignments created?
This situation happened to us when we were in the field, we created assignments every ten days, at the beginning of the ten days our HQ closed and archived all the assignments manually and then create/upload the new assignments. Maybe you can do the same.


Thank you for your reply. I think we will go with the final option you describe. We are assigning to supervisors every 2-3 days, but will begin assigning in bigger batches as they get the hang of it. I just don’t want their Assignments tab to get cluttered as it’s confusing.

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Sorry - another question. We do not want to archive all assignments in one go, as there may still be assignments which are ‘live’ i.e. awaiting interviewer completing/supervisor review.

In the Assignments tab in HQ, I cannot find any way to filter by ‘Approved by Headquarters’. So the only way I can think of is to filter by these in the Interviews tab, make note of the assignment ID, and then archive them one-by-one.

Am I missing something? Is there a faster way to archive all assignments that have been Approved by HQ? The above approach I’ve suggested would be very time consuming

Dear AdamSalisbury,
Let me gently correct you. ‘Assignment’ entity does not have such thing as ‘Approved by Headquarters’ status, this state is used for ‘Interview’ only.
I suggest you want to archive all assignments that are already closed (number of collected interview is equal/more than the number of expected ones). Probably, adding new filter is good idea for such assignments. But for now, you could use next scenario:

  1. Go to Assignments page.
  2. Sort Assignments grid by COLLECTED column in descending order.
  3. Observe and then select all assignments where COLLECTED >= EXPECTED.
  4. ARCHIVE all selected assignments with a red button that appears at the bottom of the page.
  5. Go from page to page and repeat the last two steps.

In this case you will be able to operate with 25 Assignments at a time at least.

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Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your reply. I had considered what you suggest, but the problem is that Completed >= Expected even when the interview is Supervisor Approved. Ideally I would only want to archive an assignment when the interview is HQ Approved, since this represents the final quality check in our process.

I will speak with our team managing the HQ account today. Perhaps it isn’t such an issue - the whole purpose of my question was to try and make life easier for the Supervisors. Your approach would still ensure that, as assignments they have approved would still be removed from their devices.

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@AdamSalisbury , perhaps you can simply set the filter to display only the assignments not received by the tablets yet. This leaves what the supervisors have to distribute to their interviewers:

Adam, where can one read the description of your process, please?

  1. Archiving an assignment has primary intent to stop collecting data on that assignment. It causes also the assignment to disappear from the list as a side effect.

  2. Filters in assignment list have primary intent to manipulate the list and not to cause any effect on the data collection process.

Make sure you are selecting the right tool for the job!

Hi Sergiy,

Filtering by Received by tablet is a good idea - thanks.

I’m afraid I don’t have a description of the process written down - it’s something we’ve worked out with the field team over the last 2 weeks. But I think what I’m proposing fits what you describe above. The main reason I want to archive the assignments is because we want to stop collecting data on that assignemnt once we approve from HQ.

In any case, I think I have the answers I was looking for. I will tell the HQ folks to archive assignments once they approve (and we no longer want to collect any further info). And I will tell the Supervisors to filter by Received by Tablet if they are confused about which interviews are still awaiting their assignment to Interviewers.

Many thanks,


Regrettably the product of work of two weeks is not written down. Many users may have benefitted from your experience…

This doesn’t make sense to me, but I can’t comment until I know what is it that you are doing exactly.

I still don’t like the idea of abusing the archiving function for this purpose. Perhaps, it is better to create a technical account named done (or something similar) and reassign fulfilled assignments to that account if it causes confusion of the supervisors. This can be done with the API.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

I guess what I was looking for was something equivalent to the ‘Tasks to assign’ tab in the Supervisor app. This is really clear: the Supervisor just needs to click on this option and gets a list of all the interviews that are still awaiting his/her assignment to interviewers.

As far as I’m aware, there is nothing equivalent in the web version. When you go to the Assignments tab, you are met with a list of ALL assignments that that supervisor has ever received from HQ, even if the interview has long been assigned to an interviewer and completed. It is essentially a history rather than a ‘to-do’ list.

Does this make sense? I am aware there are fairly easy work arounds to this (e.g. just filter for the supervisor name in ‘responsible’) – my original question was just to make sure there wasn’t an even easier way to turn the Assignments tab into an ‘Assignments To-Do’ tab.