Archiving all assignments


I want to archive all the assignments from the “Assignments” window using HQ account. I can only select 20 at a time but I want to select all and archive at the same time.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Hey @umernaeem

You only can archive in groups of 20 assignments, to select all the first twenty assignments, you need mark this option:

Also you can’t edit the quantity of assignments that are display in your main page.

Hello @kv700032

Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned, I can select a group of 20 at a time, but I have 2000+ assignments which I need to archive. Therefore, I want to find a way where I can somehow select all assignments and archive at in one go.

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hi @umernaeem

I am checking it, and I am agree with you the page only show you groups of twenty.

@umernaeem, you can use the API as shown here:!/Assignments/Assignments_Archive

Hello @sergiy

Thank you for your response. I am fairly new to SS API. I am using R to accomplish this task. For that, I am using following code


hq <- ""

user <- "myusername" #not my real username
pass <- "mypassword" #not my real password

query <- sprintf("%s/api/v1/assignments/{id}/archive", hq)

info <- POST(query, authenticate(user,pass))

I have following questions

  1. In {id}, should I post the ID of questionnaire that appears in the URL while assigning?
  2. If yes, then I did put the questionnaire ID and I was not successful. What am I doing wrong in the code?

Thank you,

So I answered my own questions.

  1. In {id}, I should use the IDs of the assignments as shown in the dashboard of Assignment tab.
  2. If I change POST to PATCH, the code will work