Arabic text in static text translations not working in PDF of questionnaire


(Elena) #1

We have translated one of our questionnaires to Arabic & French (both languages are in the same translation, since our interviewers need to see the two languages side-by-side due to the nature of the language and literacy situation in Morocco). We have done this in previous years without issues. However, this year, the Arabic translations are fine in question and answer choice texts, but not in static text. The static text Arabic shows up like this:

􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀

Would it be possible to fix this issue? We do rely on these PDFs, without which our clients would not allow us to work with Survey Solutions since they need them on file for project documentation. Thanks in advance.

(Misha) #2


I want to remind you what you wrote in your review of Survey Solutions:
" Survey Solutions has a long way to go to develop a program that is able to address many normal survey needs"
But you are still using us. Why?

The issue you report will be fixed in the next release on Survey Solutions v18.12 scheduled for Dec 4th.

(Andrew) #4

As a workaround you can use “Export to HTML” feature and print resulting document to PDF from Chrome