Approval of CAWI Interviews and Reports

Good morning,

CAWI is a valuable data gathering tool for surveys involving business and professional organisations.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is currently undertaking a Business Satisfaction Survey using CAWI. To ensure data retention and efficiency the following is proposed:

  1. HQ to have right to approve any interview. At present only interviews with “complete” status can be approved. Risk: Some respondents do not proceed to click the complete button despite having completed all Indexes. The data therefore cannot be retrieved by HQ or Supervisor.
  2. Movable columns in Reports: At present column margins cannot be moved. This makes it difficult to read all information contained in the column of the Report.
  3. Reporting average completion time: CAWI does not accurately provide the average time that it takes to complete a questionnaire.
  4. Interviewer functionality: Single button at a time: That a single button appears when the various Sections have to be completed. At present the current Section and the next section headings appear. This causes confusion, and causes the respondent to sometimes skip one of the Sections. Hence the recommendation that only the section that is to be completed appears on the screen.

I trust that these recommendations will meet with your favourable approval.

Thank you to the Survey Solutions for the good work.

Kind regards

Sheona Claasen
Assistant Director: Policy and Research
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Re #1: completion is a milestone event where the respondent declares the interview is completed. Since respondents may change their answers in the process we do not autocomplete the interview upon the last question answered. Instead it must be a conscious action by the respondent to declare the interview finalized.

Re #2: specifically which columns? in which reports? provide screenshot and indicate where the difficulty occurs.

Re #3: provide a reproducible example where the reported time is different from the actual.

Re #4: I don’t understand this. We must have a button to move on to an upper section or to a next section. Perhaps provide a screenshot and indicate where the confusion occurs.