Append new variable (dynamic)

Pls need help: I have a multi-select question that triggers a roster. The multi select for instance has lists from option 1,2,3 …12,13. Options 1 to 12 lists all available farming equipment and option 13 says others (specify) gives room for the interviewer to add other farming equipment not among the ones listed in 1,2,3…12.

if interviewer selects 5 options (for instance) among (1,2,3…12) and 13 is not applicable it triggers the roster (this is fine with me I have no problem at this stage). The challenge I have is when option 13 is selected, it gives room for the interviewer to list (max of 2 or 3) new equipment. How can I append the new equipment to the selected ones (this may be 1 or more but max of 12) to form a new variable that will now trigger the roster. …Please help. Thanks

You can’t append the list of options dynamically.

But you can
A) introduce “First other choice”, “Second other choice”, “Third other choice” etc as necessary, then have them specified in individual text questions (with conditions on these options being selected), and the roster will follow.
B) have two rosters, one with trigger MCQ and another identical roster which is triggered by the text list of others.

Farming equipment would probably imply just a couple of questions about each item, so there is hardly any difference between these two approaches. The disadvantage of the former being the anonymous buttons of the roster (“first other choice” will be shown on the button), while the disadvantage of the latter being two files of export, and need to add things up in conditions (e.g. to find the total value of all equipment used, you need to not forget the items in the second roster).

Best, Sergiy

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Thanks for this. I tried the 2nd option (which I prefer in this case) but I thought there might be a more efficient way of doing it. For the first Option: The roster will run with caption “First other choice”, “Second other choice” which are not yet known as at the time one is working on the designer. Also “First other choice” will difer from one interviewee to another. I think I will go for option 2, it makes me feel comfortable …again. Thanks …Regards

You are welcome. Some more advice:

If you want, you can display the name of the other option on the button by using text substitution in the roster’s title property:

Equipment %eqname%

Which will result in something like
Equipment […]: plough
Equipment […]: wheelbarrel
Equipment (airplane) : first custom option

You can’t suppress the options that come from the MCQ on the buttons, but you can add the custom text somewhere in it and with some trials get an optimal formulation of the text that would be informative enough in the trigger MCQ and not annoying when displayed on the button.

Square brackets and ellipsis will appear if the value of the text substitution is not defined, so set it for something neutral to suppress them from appearing for the standard items.

Will try this … thanks