API Request from Interviewer and push to supervisor or another interviewer

Hello, i wish to inquire if i can use the API request to fetch values for interviewers and parse it to another interviewer.
thus, I have been tasked to design a questionnaire where interviewers will collect products from respondents and then the supervisor will get a summary of the products collect their prices in the market. If a similar product is collected twice, the supervisor should get just an instance of it. can i use the API request to implement it.

For the first part: please explain what “values” you want to fetch from an interviewer.
You can fetch interviews of interviewers using the API or the Headquarters module.

For the second part: typically. you would export the interviews (Headquarters module or API), compile the list of collected products (here you can make sure you don’t list duplicate products) and then preload this product list in the supervisor questionnaire for collecting the prices at the market.
Alternatively, if you have internet access at the market, you can make the price question a supervisor question and the supervisor can fill in the prices using the supervisor module.

In the surveys I have seen, usually the unit of sale also has to be considered to determine the price. Moreover, often prices are collected at the “nearest market”, therefore different prices for the same product may exist depending on where you collect them.

Thank you very much. This answers my question.