Api questionnaire offset

Dear Survey Solutions,
It would be helpful to include a bit more detail in the Swagger documentation for the API questionnaires limit.

I was trying to retrieve a complete list of questionnaires using the api. Currently, I have 49 questionnaires. I was able retrieve the first 40, but when I tried to use the ‘offset’ parameter, I ran into a problem. If I used a value more than 2, I got no results returned. I finally figured out the offset was a complete page of records equivalent to the limit value supplied. I had assumed the limit unit was rows.
The way it is described in the Swagger, it looks like the offset unit is rows.

Thank you for reporting. Agree that offset parameter name is misleading and documentation is just wrong. We will change the description in future releases, but won’t change the name or the way it works in order to not break existing api.