API for batch assignment upload

Is there an API for batch assignment upload (specifically to upload an archive with identifying tab file and collected data)?

Dear Kobus,

You can find a link inside of this article:


When you open the link - you can extend Assignments there.

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Survey Solutions team


the link above is for downloading the interviews.

If you want to create assignments, refer to the POST method for assignments:

It expects the assignment data to be described in the argument of the query, on a field-by-field basis.

“Responsible”: “string”,
“Quantity”: 0,
“QuestionnaireId”: “string”,
“IdentifyingData”: [
“Identity”: “string”,
“Variable”: “string”,
“Answer”: “string”

(identifying data must contain identification questions’ values, but may be extended to other questions as well).

Preparing a file of new assignments automatically and uploading it once manually would probably be a more straightforward approach.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thank you for the response, but it is a pity that the principle that you should be able to duplicate user interface actions using the API is not adhered to in this case.