API Export v1 and v2

Dear Survey Solutions,
Is there some updated documentation about the Export section of the API?
On the Swagger site, It looks like all the Export v1 commands are deprecated, but it appears that v2 is not completely working or documented.

I’m having trouble running the v1 commands. Are the export v1 commands still valid?
On May 28, everything ran correctly, but today it is not working.


What is the code that you are running?
What is the error message that you are getting?

I’m accessing the api using c# code. I’m trying to generate a new dataset of responses to a questionnaire, version 7.
AbsoluteUri = “https://XXXX.mysurvey.solutions/api/v1/export/Tabular/a20f58c8ead94604b83b958270239290%247/start

The error message is:
“IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”

On my local machine, the same post seems to work on the Postman app. “JobId”: 134270
On my remote server, the same post throws the same error.

Update: This appears to be a TLS 1.2 issue on my end. I changed the .Net httpRuntime targetFramework to 4.6 (from 4.5) and this seems to have fixed the problem.

I believe that after the last update (20.12), the v1 export commands are not working anymore and are removed from the apidocs. Is this a permanent thing ?

Yes, you should migrate your code to use v2 API