Answers disappearing for some questions, after enumerators upload them to the server

The questionnaire was functioning perfectly fine when the surveys were implemented. Then, those we rejected asking for corrections started to create a lot of problems, mostly for multiple choice questions. The errors, which appeared both in the tablets and in the server include:

  • In the server: some answers that the enumerators completed in the tablet (in front of us) would arrive to the server as empty.

  • In tablets: very strange behaviors. For example, answering the first (yes/no) answer in a multiple choice question, and getting another question appearing after this one, with all the answers in the new question being filled in automatically (as yes), and the first question disappearing (I can share a video of this with you if you think this might be useful).

The main implication: enumerators do not manage to correct / change the answer to some of the questions in the survey, and when we receive their revisions, some of the answers arrive as empty to the server.

Thanks in advance for any support!