Answer options not showing in designer

Answer options for question no longer show in the designer. See example of screen shot below. It seems to affect all questions with User defined Answer Options in the questionnaire, and across other questionnaires. We have not edited the questions nor answer options. My colleagues just confirmed that they see the same on their laptops. This issue must have been introduced in the last few hours (maybe few days).

When compiling, no error (< 2 answer options) is shown, so I assume they are still connected. However, if saving a change to the question, the answer options are removed.

Hello, the same thing happended to me a moment ago.
I can see the answer options by downloading the queastionnaire in pdf format or using Test, but I can’t see them in designer.

Hello team, the same thing is happening to me. any help from the support team.

It was temprorary issue and it has already been fixed.
Could you please take look once again?

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Many thanks for the quick fix. Looks all normal again. Thanks