Answer not saved

Survey Solutions user Patrisha Estrada has sent us the following question:

we’re also receiving queries on how to not save responses to an open end should they not be in line with the validation . From my check, it seems that ‘answer not saved’ warning is system generated but do let me know if it’s possible for us to mimic that?

First, all validation is reacting to the value that is already saved. Correspondingly you can’t prevent an answer to be saved with any validation.

Second, the message you are referring to is a reaction to something that it can’t do. For example, if you set a value of a numeric question triggering a roster to a negative value, it will not accept it, because it can’t make a negative-size table, but the roster table must always be in correspondence with the trigger. Hence it refuses. This is a system behavior and you can’t ‘mimic’ that.

Finally, if you think your questionnaire is perfect and all erroneous answers (marked so by validation) are confirmed as such after the supervisors’ reviews - you can reject back the interviews, not approve them, or clean-up erroneous answers after the export using the system-generated interview__errors file.