Alternative key

It is possible to have two ID for each questionnaire? One SuSo’s ID (automatically obtained) and another with the identification fields (like Municipality, Enumeration Area, building code, etc.) to avoid duplication.
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The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that you would need to create this key somehow. Here are two ideas:

  • Create a separate question for each element of the key (e.g., municipality, EA, building code, etc.)
  • Concatenate these elements of the key into a single key.
    • If done outside of Survey Solutions, use the data processing package of choice.
    • If done within Survey Solutions, use computed variables to concatenate all of these elements into a single (string?) key.

Yes of course, but i need a key of type unique. If I change the question scope to “identifyng” I can still insert two questionnaire with the same key. Have you any suggestion? Thank you.

@amarone, please provide an example of how you would do that in any other CAPI system.

in the dwelling census, it should be ensured that a reply to the questionnaire is not compiled for the same dwelling.
If the interviewer duplicates the questionnaire, this should be communicated directly in the application. Something that simulates a primary key of a relational database.

I still fail to see how the introduction of a primary key solves the coordination problem in a distributed system.

Again, asking for an example of how you implement this in any CAPI system: CSPro, Survey be, ODK, etc

Dear All,
This can be solved easily with user defined function. Unfortunately Survey Solution doesn’t support them. When Survey Solution support this, i will post and exemple used since 2013/2014.