Alternative calendars use

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The Gregorian calendar is the only available option at the moment. Is there any way to use any other calendars - for example, Amharic calendar used in Ethiopia? I suppose the answer is NO, but double checking.


Currently - no, it is not possible. We will include it into the list of our feature requests.

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Survey Solutions Team Support

Dear Vlad,

Asmelash has given you an excellent summary of recipes of how to handle the Ethiopian calendar dates during data collection. I can only add that attempting to preserve the dates in Ethiopian calendar format may cause you problems downstream as you get to processing them in other systems. Their support is limited or non-existent in other tools (SQL and MySQL databases, SPSS and Stata packages, and other tools). So converting them to a Gregorian calendar dates could save you some headache later.

Finally, if you go for option #1 listed above by Asmelash, perhaps, add some basic validation to ensure the date being entered exists in Ethiopian calendar. (the standard function IsDate() is not applicable in this case as it is based on the Gregorian calendar). You can use a lookup table to define the leap years (e.g. for the last 150 years) as you will need to verify the number of days in the 13th month.

Best, Sergiy