Allowing Interviewer to see all previous GPS points collected on the TPK map in a questionnaire

I am using a form for listing buildings in an enumeration area. We have prepared TPK files based on the use of the ESRI extension and synchronized them to the tablets used by the mappers. In the Enumeration Area form for listing the buildings we have a list roster for blocks, within the list roster for blocks we have a list roster which creates a roster for each building. Within each building roster we capture the GPS and the location address for each building. The problem is we only see one GPS point for each building listed on the form at a time. Unfortunately, the interviewer app does not allow all previous building points which had been entered to be seen within the same form/questionnaire. Since this functionality is unavailable we have to give the interviewer a paper map to number each building sequentially as they do on the tablet one building at a time…as they traverse the enumeration area, otherwise they will lose track of the sequence of buildings they had already tagged. Could a feature be added to allow all previous GPS points (in a different color) to be shown anytime an additional point is added to the custom map (TPK)? this would avoid our having to issue paper maps to allow the interviewer to track their progress.

How is the paper map used to yrack progress?

Since they can only see one GPS point at a time on the tablet map, there is no trail of previous GPS points entered in the questionnaire on the tablet. Each time the GPS is entered on the tablet, the enumerator puts a mark and uses the same sequential number on the tablet to number the mark/GPS paper map, the paper map is used to track the enumerator’s progress from building to building. This is only necessary because enumerator can get confused since he is only placing one GPS point at a time on the tablet. If the enumerator gets confused in a crowded housing area and returns to the same building he had previously put a GPS for, without the paper map he will not know he had been there before.