Allow user-level default language for surveys

It would be nice on both the app and review interface to choose a default language to survey/review all of the interviews at a user by user level.
Currently the default language on surveys is controlled at the designer level.
I feel like the reviews are by default set to the language that the interviewer has used, rather than designer controlled but I am not certain on this.

Definitely both a good default choice, but it would be nice to be able to set a default from the user level so the interviewer or reviewer does not have to change for every interview if they are surveying/reviewing in a different language.

Scott, you are right about the interview being presented to supervisor in the last language used by the interviewer. We thought it is the most reasonable behavior.

For saving the interviewer language choice you would need a mapping of real world languages into the user supplied translations. While the original plan contained it, we’ve later ditched it in favor of simplicity and flexibility.

Best, Sergiy


I can propose much lighter solution.

We can set last selected language as default one for all next interviews.

This can be even default behaviour without any new settings intruduced on device. Last selected language can be stored on per questionnaire level.

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