Allow flat roster for first level(s) of nested roster

Request: The flat/plain mode of roster representation is only available for rosters without nesting. The request is to make this representation available for at least the first parent roster in nested rosters.

Use cases: For agricultural, paper questionnaires have the typical progression: a roster of parcels, a roster of plots (collected across all parcels), and (sometimes) a roster of crops (collected across all parcel-plots). On paper, the interviewer has direct access to the child elements: in the plot roster, to plots; in the crop roster, to the crops. See qnr images below for reference. On CAPI, the interviewer sees, and needs to navigate, the full roster tree, rather than having direct access to the child elements that are the main elements of rosters on paper. In SuSo, it would be good to have buttons that correspond to child elements.

Implementation ideas:

In Designer:

  • Allow Display mode: Flat for parent rosters levels that don’t contain questions. The compiler currently flags this as an error:

In Interviewer:

  • Show flat/plain representation
  • Instead of questions, show buttons of child roster rows
  • If there are multiple parent levels that are shown in flat/plain mode, consider using different coloring/shading/saturation to distinguish the levels (e.g., in the parcel-plot-crop roster, have the parcel level in dark blue, have the plot in lighter blue, and buttons for the crops)

Images as reference:




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