Allow cascading combo boxes as identifying questions

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Cascading combo boxes are great for setting up regional identifiers - district, commune, village etc. However these regional identifiers are the type of question which would be great to have as identifying questions, however the designer currently doesn’t let us have both.




Usually identifying questions are not intended to be answered by interviewer. They should be preloaded and used in readonly mode later. In such case there no difference preload text questions or cascading.

Yes, but when not pre-loading sample they are very handy to use anyhow so that supervisors and QC can tell easily about the case by seeing the identifying questions. For example a handy identifying questions could be village and household ID - but if we are selecting village by cascading combo list then this is not possible.

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identifying questions indeed have many limitations, see here for some specifics.

But if you anticipate the village will be specified by the interviewer, you can still make it an interviewer question, even if this is something that helps identify the household.

Interviewers rarely jump from one part of the country to another, and usually staying within rather limited and well defined territory, such as the district where they reside, spanning possibly multiple enumeration areas. In that case the EA# and the HH# could be two identifiers, while the village and street address could be asked as part of the interview.

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This doesn’t help a whole lot in the Supervisor/Headquarters web interface when you want to select interviews from a certain district or from a certain village.

I would also very much like cascading questions to be able to be used as Identifying for similar reasons as @lachb
My interviewers are limited to one Province, but they cover multiple districts and more villages.
Both the Districts and Villages have duplicates in other Regions, so a cascading structure is the best way to set this up.

It would be fantastic for the supervisors to be able to review village by village and/or district by district rather than having the whole province to choose from.

You may also have a reason to reject a whole village but there’s no way to do so at the moment unless you want to use the api or manually find all the interview ids from the data export.

I’m sure it’s in the too hard basket, but this one is very high on my wishlist.

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To add to the discussion, I see a use cases for allowing combo box questions to be identifying:

Panel surveys with tracking. For many panel surveys, one tracks (certain) members of a target household wherever they move. For “distance tracking”–when a member has moved far away from their last known location–tracking typically results in new cases created by HQ, with prefilled identifying questions. For “local tracking”–when a member moved “nearby” to their last known location, often in cases without time/connection to get new assignment from HQ–interviewers need to enter identifying questions manually, and having geographical questions be cascading will help with accuracy of answers (e.g., prevent selection of sub-region that’s not within the region).

While there may be other ways to address the use case above, cascading combo boxes as identifying questions would be a welcome new tool in the panel survey designer’s toolkit.