Allow archiving interviews on the server

Allow deleting or archiving completed interviews on the server.
Currently I don’t know how to get rid of interviews done at the wrong location, test interviews, etc.

As a rule, we do not delete data in Survey Solutions. We can look at the possibility of archiving. This, however, will complicate the export process. Do you want archiving interviews to be exported?

No, I don’t want archived interviews to be exported That’s exactly the point of having them archived, so they don’t show up in my data.
I agree, archiving is the correct way, not deleting.

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/second this e-motion
This feature would be excellent.

I am also supporting this very useful feature to archive interviews. I thought archiving assignments would also archive the interviews associated with them but unfortunately that was not true.

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For the moment the suggested workaround is described here:

All interviews are coming in fulfillment of some assignments, issued by the HQ. So it is under HQ control from whom and how many interviews to request.

It is the survey coordinator’s job to design the teams structure, assignments targets and the overall process of the survey in such a way that deletion of the interviews is not a necessity. Where such arrangements are not possible use the workaround above.

The requested feature is dangerous. As such it is not on the top of the priorities list.

I don’t think anyone’s asking for deletion, but optional exclusion from the data export is highly desired.

Having the ability to archive and then a tick box with ‘include archived interviews in export’ ticked by default would be a good option.

An alternative workaround is suggested here - Allow multiselect statuses for Data Export

The most common issue I have is with partially completed interviews that are not discarded getting completed and sent to the server just because my interviewers want to clear their tablet.
Another is with duplicate interviews for the village headman, where we only want 1 per location so have to discard the extraneous one (not always the most recent). (We can’t assign only 1 per location because we can’t use cascading questions as identifying questions Allow cascading combo boxes as identifying questions)

I have a trash user but I’d rather it not pollute my genuine rejected interviews that are awaiting review.
It also pollutes all of the statistics in the Reports section.

My preference would be to have both an archive option and the ability to multiselect the export statuses.

I am not suggesting deleting interviews. I would like to archive interviews so that it is still on the server with the option of unarchiving it later. This is similar to archiving an assignment. At the very least, only allow admin users this archiving interview feature since admin users can already do the very dangerous action of deleting a template from the server which means they already have the power to delete interviews.

In my case, we had some small mistakes with translations of location variables that the interviewer discovered after they had already started the interview and could not find the location. Since we instructed the interviewers to not discard interviews, they completed them and sent them to the server. The interviews currently sit as rejected by HQ. However, they still show up in the reports as rejected interviews and I agree with @macuata that I’d rather only see genuinely rejected interviews in my reports.