Aggregating Data From another Questionnaire

Hi Team,

I have a number of questionnaires that am designing in SS. There are some quex that I do not want to have physical entry of data but rather the form to pick data from another quex. E.g Questionnaire A and Quex B. Quex B automatically have its fields automatically filled the moment Questionnaire A is filled.

How can I implement this?

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There is no such built-in functionality

Kind of workaround can be use of Advanced preloading.

Export data from Questionnaire A, process data and generate CSV to preload for Questionnaire B.

Or using Survey Solutions API to create assignments with required preloaded data.

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Thank you for your reply. I was thinking if there was a way to reference a question from a different questionnaire to a current questionnaire that could help in a way. Most probably, I will go the Preloading way. Thank you.

This is not possible in Survey Solutions, but preloading might help you.

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Thank you. On another front, can I use Power Apps, say have SS export data to one drive then I do Power Automate and aggregate that data from the different quex into one Master Template? I already have PowerBI, PowerApps and Power Automate licenses.

Preloading will only work if questionnaire A has already been collected on the server when you prepare to do the interviews for questionnaire B.
If you want to collect both questionnaires during the same visit, this doesn’t work. However, you can combine A and B as sections (kind of sub-questionnaires) into a single questionnaire. You can then reference answers from section A in section B.
An example is a survey with a Building questionnaire and a Household questionnaire for every household in the building.

Hi Klaus,

Thank you for the response. Here is a typical scenario. I have 3 levels of Admin units-Country-Counties-Subcounties-Wards. data entry starts at the ward level and should now be aggregated to the top. What is being done at the Sub-county is an aggregation of data collected at Ward level. How can I implement this uniquely? Or suggestions.

Are you doing a separate survey on each admin level?
What kind of data are you aggregating for use in the next higher level? Give me a concrete example.

Here is an example: I have Nutrition data that does collects data at the health facility-Lower admin level. This data is collected from same admin levels in different health facilities. after this collection from the different health facilities at the same admin level, they need to be aggregated to form the dataset for the next admin level where there is no data collection but rather a summarization. This goes on until the highest admin level. So what I do need is this? Is there a way am able to pick the specific fields used in the lowest admin level data form and aggregate it to the next admin level? .

Okay, so you have a single questionnaire/survey for the lowest admin level.
You just export your data from the server and aggregate whatever you want to the higher levels with a few dozens of lines of code in R (or Stata, SPSS, etc.).
It’s plain post-processing. Survey Solutions only does the data collection part.
(I do this all the time for my clients).

NB: make sure you include the higher levels identifications in your questionnaire!

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Thank you very much for this helpful guidance.