Age should be freezed

Hi SS Team,

I need to freeze the value of AGE. Interviewer/Supervisor could not be edited after submitted the interview case if they reopen.

Let me know the how to do this? Is there any technique or syntax that I could be applied for fixing the AGE?


Dear Sitanshu,

If you preload age question, you can use this feature to protect the value:
Also, you can create a hidden question to store age value there too. More information can be found here:

If you don’t want the value to be changed after rejection, you should control it manually, there is no such feature in the system for now. You can export your data and keep track of age question outside of Survey Solutions and make sure the value doesn’t change over time.


Sitanshu, after the interview is submitted (=completed+synced to the server) neither the interviewer, nor the supervisor can change the answer that has been recorded. Except the case when the interview is rejected, but that is the whole point of rejection to be able to make changes.

Thanks Slava and Sergiy for your precious feedback. :+1: