After supervisor assigns interviwers assignments they cant receive the assignments until we change the status at expected from 1 to 2 that's when they can receive assignments


Is it because one is already delivered?

No on enumerators tablet there will be nothing until we change from 1 to 2 thats when they will receive the assignment, we are facing that problem but before it was working fine…

Please replicate this problem on the public demo server:

  • import the questionnaire,
  • make an assignment for an interviewer,
  • try to sync and confirm you are not getting an assignment.
  • then tell us the specific assignment number, which exhibits this problem.

PS: of course, you can use any questionnaire and any preloading data which is sufficient to replicate the problem, not compromising the privacy of your real survey subjects.

noted thank you will do…

Dear @sanah ,
Could you please take a look that when you reassigning an assignment the number of Expected interviews is greater than Collected in the grid?